Wednesday, March 15, 2006

'we don't share. we sell.'

that's what the client said. i found it slightly hilarious during shoot when the cingular phones were having trouble getting reception.
i represented cingular at every level. therefore, the client said, i needed to improve my posture. lift my chin. and smile with teeth. when i showed them my teeth, they reneged.
i thought it would be funny to wear this outfit in a cingular store and test the employee's knowledge of their products. this story was regaled over a lunch of corner bakery chicken salad sandwiches and sugar cookies: a regional manager of cingular, we'll call him craig, went into a store. craig rushed up to a guy and tested his product knowledge, asking him the price of two phones. he then asked him why he should pay a hundred dollars more for one phone over the other. the man replied, 'i dunno.' craig told him 'you damn well oughta, you're fired!' and the guy left. craig was then told he had just fired a customer.


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