Friday, February 17, 2006

kick out the jamz

i've been farting for about 32 years. solid. but now i'm in a show. THE show. it don't got a title. but get ready for the sharpest, most-dialed-in comedy event of the year. you have to be in atlanta to see it. and you have to pay us to sit down (free if you stand, awesome if you can stand it). it stars national cartoon personality clunkyrobot, international DJ babycourageous, father and movie star g-funk, interstellar overgirl maryk, the sports comedian mike brune, myself, and dan (search dan in first name, he's like the fourth one down).
oh and did i mention CELEBRITIES?
it's like dominic said (yes, he was at MY wedding): "don't fuck around."
no sir, we are not.

march 1st. more to follow.

i just now farted.


Blogger maryk said...

can't wait to see the show.
I'll point to all of my Nohari personality flaws as reasons that I dropped out.
I think I'll be doing the box office or the bar. That's really a better place for me. And, would anyone like a snack? I can whip something up real quick. You all look hungry.
Oh my, I do believe I'm getting a touch of the vapors!

2/27/2006 10:33 PM  

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