Monday, January 09, 2006

nobody move, nobody get work

helluva holiday. one helluv-one. drove to wilmington for another "surface" audition. and went to charlotte once for a national advertisement. neither panned out. that's twenty hours of pure southern interstate driving. and nothing to show for it 'cept beef jerky wrappers, wendy's wrappers, chili cheese fritos bags, yoo-hoo bottles, sunflower seed shells, andy capp hot fries bags, taco bell wrappers, dentyne ice foil, and one tijuana momma red pickle sausage skin. baby courageous at least rode with me on one trip. we listened to lewis black, davids cross & attell, and some great driving music.
on the way to wilmington there was an amber alert issued for a young girl who was said to have been kidnapped. she ended up in a suburb of atlanta, so there's a really good chance i passed them on I-20 that morning. in many hours of driving through the carolinas, i didn't see one single state trooper. and while the system itself is brilliant, radio stations should allow someone other than the morning zoo crew to announce the details. the license plate of the vehicle they were looking for was 890MPG. the whiskey-soaked voice of the rock witch sputtered "eight, nine, zero, em as in mary, pee as in peter, and gee as in gamecocks!" nice.
this past weekend i shot a scene for a horror thriller called terminus directed by dave bruckner, jacob gentry and dan bush. three directors means three times the decisions. which generally means three times DOPE! yeah, we were the first two days of shooting and they're finding their sealegs. but how often do i get brained with a baseball bat in a film? the movie is about a signal coming through the tv that makes people go something something...CRAZY! i was hoping to do my first topless scene, but bruckner reminded me that i'm 55378008. for an entire shoot yesterday i played a dead body. for as many hours as i drove to charlotte and back, i lay on a hairy floor with karo syrup squirting from my head. but i'm starting to understand what jacob means when he says "i love movies. i love watching them, i love making them. i wanna do this the rest of my life."


Blogger rp said...

in california they put those amber alerts on the electronic billboards.

1/09/2006 3:00 PM  
Anonymous clunky said...

Everything is better in Cali, even their kidnappings.

1/09/2006 3:34 PM  
Blogger maryk said...

Once you spot the missing girl, be the 14th caller and you win 2 tickets to see Sting!

1/15/2006 9:26 PM  

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