Friday, March 17, 2006

bashful liar

pretended to be the champeen of vidalia onion eating. said i mow thru 'em like apples. the poor nearest face then gets pegged by an onion core. if it's spicy it's on my menu. chicken wings? hell yeah. i order two dozen. i gargle two dozen. capsaicin mouthwash. big smile.
pretended to care. said i wring chicken necks like rags. the rich blood oils the floor. do a flintstone stumble and scooby doo out the door.
i guess it was a commercial audition for a restaurant that serves chicken. they wouldn't tell us the name of the establishment. usually they don't tell you a name because they're so damn famous. kenny rogers roasters is out of business. i bet big boi opened a chain.


Blogger maryk said...

Could a superstar get some chicken nuggets up in this motha fucka?!

3/20/2006 1:25 PM  

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