Friday, November 18, 2005

swim for your wife

yesterday i auditioned for a movie about model & muse-to-andy-warhol edie sedgwick. it's called factory girl. my contribution might be a one-liner role. also i read for a role that is featured heavily throughout the film but has no lines. no lines. i read for it. i said on-tape "hi i will be reading for the part of elmo."
this morning i was rudely awakened at 11 am. it was clunkyrobot and his boss, matt thompson. they wanted me to audition for a voice on an upcoming adult swim cartoon for the guys at 7030. i can't say anything about it. if i do, then legally matt thompson could be assassinated. at which point i could speak freely about the show. which i know nothing about. except that there's this guy. with a voice. who if it sounds like me, then it probably is. and only then will you say you remember when i knew nothing about what we all now know is that show. i've said too much. i hope matt thompson's in a safe place.


Blogger onthetowns said...

I LOVE secrets! Please tell me so I can tell others!

11/21/2005 1:16 PM  

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