Saturday, November 05, 2005

green acres

i drove 53 miles south to milner, georgia. on a farm. we shot the e-fan-gelist spot for SEC football. it's a well-written spec with a small crew, including an 'actor's director'.
the farmhouse was built in 1865. presently the farm is 50 acres with a grove of pecan trees, which stand about 60 feet high. they haven't produced a crop of nuts in years. the pond has several 14 pound catfish. unfortunately, it's also skinned with some green weed that threatens to suffocate all the fish.
we shared a dressing room with one small possum. it lives on the top shelf of a bureau. after lunch, several people fed it grapes and white cheddar cheese. i refused its adorable fangy smile. i did not allow it to claw around cutely over my shoulders. the costumer, tracey, did. it took a dog-sized shit on her.
our characters tried to get propane from a big 10 foot gas tank into a little 2 foot tank. jaime played our ring-leader. as a gag, he smoked a cigar while we fiddled with the tank valves. the real comedy was the real propane seeping from the valves. perched like an owl on the big tank, i pictured riding it like a rocket above the pecan trees.
propane gas smells like the entire island of manhattan farted at once.
so do farms.
we all had our backs to the kraft services table. two horses proceeded to eat apples, cheese on wheat, and brownies.
as the sun went down we got one final shot of us hanging around the tank-rocket, the sky a beautiful mix orange and dark blue.


Blogger maryk said...

Now, was the shit the size of a dog? Or was it the size of a dog shit?

11/14/2005 3:00 PM  
Blogger vinylm said...

do you have the video from this project?

4/30/2018 9:59 AM  

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