Monday, August 22, 2005

i like the cut of your giblet

it was about 100 degrees when we shot the bojangles 'digging to china' ad. the neighborhood was pristine. i was not. makeup and wardrobe rubbed dirt and grass in my hair. i apparently was not sweaty enough and spice (her parents hated her enough to name her that) was content to spray water on my armpits and rub it in with her bare hands.

sam the director had occasion to be joyous. we collaborated on a joke: we pop up in communist china and the neighbor still has his coffee mug. it said 'made in USA' on the bottom. guffaw!
the bluescreen will be cgi'd with rickshaws and pagodas.
the special fx team showed up around lunchtime. i campaigned for an image of a man confronting a chinese tank in tiananmen square holding up a defiant drumstick.
we also talked about how high the suicide rate is in china. a steady diet of industrial pesticides. no mention of chicken, but bojangles really has opened a restaurant in the city of 'china'.


Blogger maryk said...

Wow--interesting and sad Guardian article about China's suicide stats.
It's gonna take more than a little country-fried yardbird ta straighten that shit out.

8/22/2005 12:48 PM  

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