Wednesday, May 04, 2005

marsupial campaign

I auditioned for the part of Jimmy Tech. He's an auto tech at Express Oil. When I embodied Jimmy for the client and director, I played him as deadpan as they come. I had to play straightman to a little possum. His name is Otis and he's a longtime customer who wears a hat, smokes a cigar and deftly maneuvers a car.
The director had me improvise the script. I wonder why they pay copywriters anymore. It was an interview with me concerning my recent repair of Otis' brake pads.
"He's always been a loyal customer. So, it's important that he be able to stop his car at Express Oil."
The director asked if I thought Otis' meticulous attention to detail was overbearing.
"I don't mind if he points out things that need attention. It just makes my job easier. Strange, though. Possums aren't really known for their eyesight."
And to the question of whether Otis gets special treatment.
"Please, I'd treat anybody at Express Oil with the same 5-star quality service as Otis. Of course, possums have litters of 6 to 10, so I look at that as a continuing customer base. If they all survive."
I am not certain why they chose
an animal as their new spokesthing that has a violent history with the automobile industry.
I hope they hire a Redd Foxx type for the part of Otis. Jimmy Tech could be a real breakout role for a character actor like me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

awesome. I hope it airs.


5/04/2005 2:44 PM  
Anonymous Jason said...

good luck...sounds like a cool commercial..maybe you'll get some discounted oil changes ;)

5/06/2005 11:54 AM  

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