Thursday, March 17, 2005

winners. all of them.

the state of kentucky just agreed to start a lottery for its good citizens. my friend daniel pettrow and i were hired as actors in a commercial for this legalized gambling adventure.
we embodied two convenience store clerks doing a sports play by play of a man by the cash register trying to decide which numbers to pick.
we shot this in franklin, tennessee, about 20 minutes outside of nashville.
the evening before daniel and i spent in nashville bowling, playing galaga and the addam's family pinball. we missed all the honky tonk, and forgot to buy cowboy hats. we did get lost trying to find our hotel for quite some time. we talked a lot about my future as an actor in the atlanta scene. daniel is great for dialogue on this topic, but he also dudn't eff around when it comes to doing what you discuss. i get the feeling he and i will continue working together for a long time.
during the shoot, at the request of the agency, we improvised a bunch of dialogue as what the industry calls "wild sound." some of my favorite lines are:
"it's just a man with a coin and a dream."
"the indians call this becoming a warrior."
"i'm reminded of '69 the summer of love."
the agency then politely asked us not to go off script. too late! we already won the attention of a PA who is shooting his own feature, and asked us to be a part of it.
daniel and i agreed on the ride back to atlanta to do the movie for paid travel expenses and cowboy hats.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

there's not much a fellow can't do for a free cowboy hat.

4/15/2005 6:47 PM  

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