Sunday, April 17, 2005

reality tv

the other day, i was interviewed for a documentary. the subject is a friend of mine, joel, who composes music for films and theater improvisations. he's also a high school teacher.
the entire crew is a 2-man producer/director team. they are mike and randy. they came over and set up in my living room one beautiful afternoon with a nice digital camera (was it 24-fps?) and some lights.
i gave opinions like:
'joel's an integral part of the story-telling process...'
'i think all award shows are bullshit...'
i'm intrigued by the idea of friends doing documentaries on one another. approaching your buds with objectivity, yet having to remain sensitive to the picture you paint. you can easily manipulate the footage to present a one-sided story.
'joel is a very deep thinker...'
that's what a documentary does. can't afford to have many plot lines. it would be hours long. but maybe documentaries should do that. try and tell the whole story.
'this is the wrong industry if you're in this to make friends...'
attempt to cut hundreds of hours of action into one succinct struggle to accomplish something.
'uh, i think i was out of town when that happened. what was the question...'
mike and randy have a rich environment to pull from. peter brook once wrote "Anyone interested in processes in the natural world would be very rewarded by a study of theater conditions. His discoveries would be far more applicable to general society than the study of ants or bees." there will be loud arguments, confessional whispers, and all the while costumes and music. built-in production design. there's drama in the story and the making of it.
'the most important thing to remember about joel is he carries a gun.'


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Documentary videos seem to be so big, I got a book on it (as I do most subjects or trends I notice). It was interesting to find out it has its own formula. It would be cool to see two or three documentaries all on the same subject/footage pushing a different agenda in each...


4/18/2005 9:58 AM  
Blogger ablebody said...

that is jammin' on the one.

4/18/2005 10:13 AM  
Blogger ablebody said...

and a deconstruction!!!!!!

4/18/2005 1:05 PM  

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