Thursday, March 10, 2005

ad man

i spent two days on a cattle ranch in rural north georgia shooting a promo for the country music awards. jeff foxworthy is hosting and the artist was on set with us. he talked into a microphone that was never plugged in.
there were three parts to the spot(s). in the first, we shot watermelons from a catapult in the back of a pickup truck. it was made of heavy lumber from lowe's and the slingshot effect was acheived with a straight-6 engine block chained to it. we almost nailed calves running to their cows on several occasions. oh, and the faces of country music award nominees are on the watermelons.
the second part had me and 5 others harnessed to and spinning around on a wheel of death. there was a man in his 50's that threw up on it. he was at the very top. strangely, no vomit made contact with anyone underneath him. he said he drank 2 cups of coffee before we climbed into the harness.
the third part had four guys (count me in!) riding a mechanical bull at once. homo. erotica. not to mention the "stunt coordinator" thought it was funny to molest me and make "oh baby" comments in my ear. i said my ear.
i got ringworm from the farm.


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