Monday, April 04, 2005

fast actin' tinactin

no commercial auditions for a while. one of the last i did was for a country music collection. you've seen the hour-long spots late at night. the address is always atlanta. i was paired with my "wife" played by mary kraft, and i had not been told prior to this what the content of the spot was. we then had to improvise dialogue as a married couple who were happy that this collection was now available:
"if the voice of an angel comes through the speakers, i will turn it up and listen to it all night."
"we honeymooned in nashville."
"it's great to hear classics. and so easy now that they're all on one disc!"
"favorite? well, we saw kenny rogers on our honeymoon, fresh off his 'roasters' tour, so i guess he's our de facto favorite."
"i boot-scoot, she toe-taps."
we didn't get a callback. the casting agent snickered so loudly that mary and i had to ask her point blank what was so funny. we were a real couple and these were honest-to-goodness replies. aw heck.
i have gone on two film auditions in the last week. a read for a role in the hardly-anticipated sequel big momma's house 2.
the second read was for what could possibly be a good film. the script seems tight and funny, written by tv writers. and it's being produced by scott rudin who did rushmore, i heart huckabees, royal tenenbaums, life aqauatic with steve zissou, closer, team america: world police, the school of rock... you get the picture. actually, i hope i get the picture.
it's called failure to launch, and it's about a 30-something guy whose parents set him up with his dream girl to get him out of the house. really, i'm telling you the scenes are funny. it stars matthew mcconaughey and sarah jessica parker. ay, there's the rub. well. if i even get a one-liner i'll be happy. not satisfied. just happy. happy ain't all that.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

do you have some kinda listing of all the things your mug has appeared in?

if you get that movie, lets party in your trailer

or get a tralier, park it near the lot, then party


4/05/2005 10:05 AM  
Blogger ablebody said...

try and type in my name. those are only movies and tv. i'm holding you to the trailer party. most likely'll be in new orleans.

4/06/2005 9:42 AM  

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