Monday, March 28, 2005

fun with wards

terri schiavo. it's pronounced SHY-vo. thanks wikipedia. the state of florida tried making her a ward of the state, thus becoming her legal guardian and then the state could reinsert the feeding tube. the state failed.
now, many people have made the difficult decision to remove a loved one from life support. why george bush feels it necessary to get involved, the lord only knows.
two ironies i've read. maybe true maybe not. the first, some doctors believe terri has hope. after several years of stem cell research. but as we all know, george bush nixed that one. maybe he feels guilty?
the second irony i've read is that the reason the girl had the heart attack that put her in a coma 14 years ago was that she was bulemic. now they're fighting over whether to force feed her.
i get this way about music. i insert a metal tube into my ear and force feed the auditories. in 2 weeks, m ward has not left the cd player. his latest is called "transistor radio" and it's sublime. the m stands for matt. he's playing here at the earl on april 6. there is so much going on in the production. one track has a full drum kit rolling on high gear. ward put it so far in the background, it's like when a radio station tunes in to your lonesome speaker, coincidentally playing rhythm for your soul.
there was this guy, jeff ward, a builder in the turner scene shop that everybody called evil jeff. i think this was because he hung out with jeff davidson and they needed a distinction. funny tho, jeff ward called jeff davidson evil jeff, thus throwing the system into chaos. truly evil.
and, finally, close friend and drinking buddy chris ward (aka mc chris) will be here at the mjq's drunken unicorn wednesday. i miss spending hours and hours drinking beer and whiskey with him, but i must admit things have quieted down since he went on the road. he's a whizbang with the words. i find that the irish are born lyricists and balladeers.
i wonder if jeff tweedy is irish. where does that name tweedy come from? scottish? perhaps he is the real evil jeff.


Anonymous bo-d said...

Scottish: alternate spelling "Tweedie"
English: from Tweedyhill in Kingwater

just a little R&D for ya. well, more R than D.

3/28/2005 3:30 PM  
Blogger ablebody said...

a-ha! tweed is the fabric of evil.

3/29/2005 12:38 AM  

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