Wednesday, February 16, 2005

li'l cysta dontcha

january 20, 2005 (post data)

i've had this bump of scar tissue over my right eyebrow as long as i can remember. a month ago i was knocking my head against a brick wall we call acting, and the bump filled up with pus. it stayed taught with promise, but without an escape pore.

i got a shot of cortizone, the needle stuck right in the middle of it. boy we angered it. a little blood came out, but over the next few days, the steroids dissolved most the scar tissue. since then, i've had a puddle of pus under the skin.
like a feral wart, i had to let it out.
fountains of blood, cheesy flotsam riding waves of white blood cells, chunk cannons firing hard strings onto the wall, and always more blood, blood, blood.
i wish i had taken pictures.
anyway, i shot a ford commercial in north carolina yesterday and they had to put a hat over it. i told them i got hit in the head at a fencepost brawl. they didn't buy it.
by the way, they've "hip-cool-funkified" the ford focus. i was s'posed to represent the slacker demographic who would buy one. as the tye pennington-clone spokesman said "they told me you were perfect for this, a guy who looked like he could be stoned all the time."
i get sleepy when i smoke pot. is that a demographic? the sleepers.
yawn...super fuckin' yawn.


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