Wednesday, February 16, 2005

and so it goes.

december 27, 2004 (post data)

children these days. they get it. they know they get it. parents who don't get it have kids that innately get it, yet have it slowly squeezed out of them, a la the play-doh fun factory.

a 12-year-old girl named amelia defined mellifluously. then, upon deciding desever was a better choice than decapitate, noted that the former is "more frequently used in old english, as in 'the soul desevered from its ancient body.' "
a couple weeks ago i filmed a movie for three days in florida with paul giamatti. it's called "the hawk is dying" and should prove interesting to both giamatti fans, and florida movie fans. it's directed by julian goldberger and is keen on doing florida movies, since the only director with dibs on the state seems to be victor nunez.
we had a blast by the way. i play a character pressured into allowing giamatti in to see his autistic nephew played by michael pitt . ironically, michelle williams is in the flick, and, as you dawson's creek fans know, she and i had a scene in one of the last regular season episodes. a persuasive girl.
things i learned on this shoot:
1. go with whatever happens
2. continue the scene after it ends on the page
3. don't ask, just try it
4. wherever you are is the place to be
5. it's not how it should be, it's what it is


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