Monday, May 22, 2006


3 days on amelia island, in a condo a bud-bottle's throw from the calming surfing calm. the gig was for an insurance company that made a gazillion or two over the past year's disasters. but this was a party at the ritz-carlton (a cup of coffee, a fresh juice and a muffin = $15) to celebrate their amazing sales staff. i had 3 lines. steve, playing the host, skipped 1 of them. after the hard slog, we kicked it back to the ATL in one of the filthiest dialogues ever heard in a rental car - ever. what's a man-sock? i uttered it, and i still can't be sure.
while eating at a restaurant last night with cruchic and bo-d, i caught the last few seconds of a georgia lottery commercial (you bet!) i'm supposedly in. didn't see me. and i narrowly avoided a lottery commercial audition on friday for the miniature state of connecticut. lotto blotto.
tomorrow i kick it back out of the ATL to nashville for a spokes-guy audition with suddenlink. their ceo is superstitious. maybe the raconteurs will be grilling out in the front yard of their rock 'n roll compound.
keepin' it digital in '06.
when they hired me to play the cashier they said i had the JUICE. i thought that meant i'd killed a guy and gained skreet respect. well check it out. not only do i have it, it's printed on the wall over my head.


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