Wednesday, May 11, 2005


today was
no ordinary go-see. to prepare, i did not shower. i have not shaved in 5 days. i arrived with four other gentlemen who ranged from drifter to psycho.
we were photographed to be the coverguy on the promo's of a new original turner show: WANTED. they needed diversity, so in addition to my rat-faced expression, they got a biker, a pedophile (fat w/glasses), a black man, and a hispanic gentleman.
the photographer, mark, softened the occasion by asking the black man what he did for a living. he was in commercial real estate, and seemed the least threatening of us all. but when he gave the camera his psycho look...well, he looked like that guy you copped all that commercial real estate from, who'd just burned the roof his mouth on hot pizza.

production seemed a little nervous about the liability. three different people explained the program, and showed us a mock-up of the final WANTED ads.
"look, the word WANTED appears across the eyes here, so no one will recognize you as the subject."
"we can't see your eyes, so all the acting is in the mouth and forehead."
"there is an elite task force in california searching for LA's top 100 suspects. they shouldn't confuse you with the real guys."
i'm going to LA in june. i hope i get the job. i hope i meet an elite bounty hounter. i hope, i hope, i hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope you don't get a baton mistakenly shoved up your @$$.


5/14/2005 11:01 AM  

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